What is Minimally Invasive
Spine Surgery or MISS?

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS) or Band Aid Spine Surgery or Key Hole Spine Surgery is a technique wherein Spine Surgery is done through keyholes using tubes under X-ray guidance. Since its introduction, MISS has been accepted the world over as an effective alternative to open spine surgery. As compared to the traditional open spine surgery the minimally invasive spine surgery offers multiple benefits and also decreases the amount of complications associated with open spine surgeries.

Conditions that can be treated with MISS

Now, we are able to perform more and more complex spine surgeries using MISS techniques. No external stitches are required for the ‘keyhole’ incisions and they are so small that a dressing with an ordinary band-aid may be sufficient, hence the name Band Aid Spine Surgery. The scars left behind after KeyHole Spine Surgery are much less noticeable and are cosmetically acceptable to the patient. We can treat slip disc, spondylolisthesis, lumbar canal stenosis, spinal fractures, spinal tuberculosis & spinal tumors by minimally invasive spinal surgery. MISS is more expensive than open spine surgery and needs specialized equipment like tubes and microscope. We can perform lumbar fusion, Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion (TLIF), spine fracture fixation and Lumbar Decompression using MISS techniques without a big midline incision as required in traditional open spine surgery.

How does MISS compare to Open Spine Surgery? What to expect from a Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery in India?

Keyhole technique significantly reduces the hospital stay and blood loss. The risk of infection is also significantly less as compared to open spine surgery. Patients are able to return to work earlier and experience much less post-op pain. Requirement of blood transfusion is minimal. The incision size is about 2-3 cm. The typical hospital stay for MISS-TLIF is 2-3 days. You can expect to walk the next day after surgery. You will be pretty much independent by the time of discharge. Most patients are able to travel back to their country in about 7-10 days after surgery. You can expect to join back work at 3 weeks. No external stitches are used in MISS-TLIF. The success rate for a MISS-TLIF is 99%. The approximate cost of MISS-TLIF at the best hospitals in India is approx. 7000 USD using American Implants.

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