Revision Spine Surgery
Why does spine surgery fail?

Spine surgery can fail if there is recurrence of slip disc even after disc removal surgery. This can occur either at the same level or some other level. Sometimes, spine surgery can fail due to failure to use spinal implants at the time of first surgery. Rarely, spine surgery can fail if the attempted union between the bones at the time of first surgery fails to materialize resulting in nonunion or implant failure. Another reason for failure of spine surgery can be progression of the degeneration in the spine to levels above and below the previously operated level.

Can a failed spine surgery be fixed?

Very commonly, we get patients with a failed previous spine surgery performed in their home country. We routinely perform revision surgery on such cases and ensure that their spine problem is solved and their problems are taken care of. To ensure maximum success in such complex cases we use new technology namely Carm, Pedicle screw instrumentation, High Speed Burr, Microscope, Navigation and Neuromonitoring to make even revision spine surgery highly successful. We have a lot of experience in dealing with such revision spine surgery cases and we can ensure successful outcomes even in these complex cases.

What to expect during your revision spine surgery in India?

The Success rate of revision spine surgery in the hands of our expert spine surgeons at the best hospitals in India is about 95%. Approximate cost of revision spine surgery at the best hospitals in India is about 7000 to 12000 USD.

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